The COLLECTiEF consortium implements, tests, and qualifies an interoperability and scalable energy management system.  

What makes us unique is the development of software and hardware packages for a Collective Intelligence-based demand-side management (CI-DSM) that increases data security, energy flexibility and climate resilience of existing buildings while reducing installation cost, data transfer and computational power.

And last but not least, our work contributes to the energy and climate goals set by the Paris Agreement and the "Clean Energy for all European" package, including the Communication "Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation" (COM (2016) 736) and the SET-Plan priorities.

How do we achieve our mission?


Our CI-based energy flexible network ensures low-cost installation and maximum data security

System Components

We realize cost-effective system components with easy deployment and maintenance that can be integrated seamlessly into existing buildings

Case Studies

To prove the efficiency of our solutions we test it in 14 buildings across the EU

Occupant-centric fusion sensor

Focusing on the user helps us achieve more accurate and non-invasive environmental monitoring

Digital Platform

Our smart, user-centric and user-friendly platform improves building management and maximizes energy saving

Business Models

Our new business models for energy services contribute to a greener Europe

What is Collective Intelligence (CI)?

Collective Intelligence (CI) is a universally distributed intelligence paradigm that works based on collaborative problem solving and decision making. In this way, CI enables energy management in a scalable manner within existing buildings, neighbourhoods and urban systems.

The three characteristics that bind all the relevant CI systems together are adaptation, self-organization, and emergence.  CI-systems, which are complex by nature, can adapt to uncertain and unknown environments, organize themselves autonomously, and exhibit emergent behavior. A CI-based DSM allows fast and (semi-)autonomous reactions to the continuously changing environment and needs of users and the grid, as well as increased likelihood of having more frequent and stronger extreme climate events.

The overall ambition of COLLECTiEF is to utilise the potential of collective intelligence to create a solution that allows and promotes circular energy flows among a large set of interacting processes within our energy systems, thus enabling maximum interoperability of the components and real-time interaction with the grid. Scalability based on the node concept is also an integral part of the COLLECTiEF system, thus enabling fast and efficient roll-out across Europe.

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