Communication Materials

On this page, you can download our communication materials and help us spread the word about our project!

COLLECTiEF Leaflet (English)


COLLECTiEF Flyer (English)


COLLECTiEF Poster (English)


COLLECTiEF Flyer (Italian)


COLLECTiEF Leaflet (Italian)


COLLECTiEF Poster (Italian)


COLLECTiEF Flyer (Norwegian)


COLLECTiEF Leaflet (Norwegian)


COLLECTiEF Poster (Norwegian)


COLLECTiEF in a few slides


EU4BET Flyer - EU for building energy transition Cluster



Introduction to collective intelligence design principles

Collective intelligence is when people work together, often with the help of technology and it can be used to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time. Video developed by NESTA.

What is collective intelligence?

What is collective intelligence? Check out this instructive video developed by NESTA.

COLLECTiEF: how we use collective intelligence to smart up buildings

Learn more about how the COLLECTiEF solutions will improve buildings' energy performances and climate resilience while ensuring high-quality services to the end-users in our brand new video!

"Upgrading building smartness" workshop

Watch the recording of our session at the Sustainable Places Conference 2022

Pilots interview: Ă…lesund (Norway)

Learn more about the main objectives of the Norwegian pilot site in the project and the benefits for the users of increasing smartness and flexibility in their buildings.

EU4BET Webinar | An end user approach to smart buildings and energy flexibility

COLLECTiEF, PRECEPT, PRELUDE, SATO and Smart2B share stories from their pilots and highlight the benefits of implementing the different solution in existing buildings

EUSEW WEBINAR | Optimizing building energy performance: H2020 projects insights

The AutoDAN, COLLECTiEF, iBECOME and SATO projects gave an overview of their activities with a special focus on the demonstration site case experiences.

EU4BET - EU for building's energy transition

The EU4BET cluster is composed of the EU-funded projects SMART2B, SATO, PRELUDE, PRECEPT and COLLECTIF and aims to bring innovations in building energy management.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: Digital Solutions for Sustainable Buildings in the New European Bauhaus

Webinar hosted by the project, with the participation of the COLLECTiEF and SATO project, EU Build Up and R2M.