WORKSHOP: "Using novel digital technologies to enhance smartness and smart readiness in large non-industrial buildings."

Save the date for the COLLECTiEF and SATO joint workshop at the Sustainable Places Conference in Luxemburg!

The workshop will provide a detailed comparison of using advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Collective Intelligence, Digital Twining, and Predictive Maintenance, to upgrade the outdated legacy systems in building pilots across Europe, based on the experiences of the two H2020 projects COLLECTiEF and SATO.

Stay tuned for more details!

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About Sustainable Places

The 12th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2024) is a hybrid event, from 23th to 25th September 2024, with the in-person sessions hosted in Luxembourg.

Sustainability targets and climate change objectives cannot be met without addressing buildings and the built environment at the building, district and urban scale to include our transport and energy infrastructures. Renowned for showcasing results coming out of the EU Horizon 2020 and EU Horizon Europe Framework Programme via the participation of cutting-edge research and innovation projects, the scope of Sustainable Places is captured directly in its name. It involves designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.