World Energy Efficiency Day - joint campaign with Smart2B project

On March 5, we celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day, an initiative established during the First International Conference on Energy Efficiency held in Austria in 1998.
The day is an occasion to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption through reasonable and sustainable energy use.

Improving the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings is a crucial step towards more sustainable and climate-resilient cities. However, contrary to common misconceptions, this does not mean compromising our comfort and quality of life. In fact, COLLECTiEF aims to upgrade the smartness of existing buildings and provide grid flexibility while still ensuring the quality of service to the end-user.

In the week leading up to March 5, COLLECTiEF is joining forces with its sister project Smart2B to launch a social media campaign to engage our audience and raise awareness of our common efforts towards energy efficiency and smart buildings.

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