Our Italian pilot

The Italian pilot buildings are located in Milan, representing southern Europe with hot summers and cold winters. There are three residential condominiums including 90 apartments.

TEICOS acts as a liaison to building owners and provides access and workforce for installations and work coordination.
The integration, installation and live operation of the COLLECTiEF system in the three Italian pilot buildings will be carried out, including the heating system (gas-fired boiler) through commercial interfaces such as 0-10 mv control interface, and appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, fridge) through smart plugs.
The pilot will also provide expertise from the installation side and the retrofitting side and act as a broker for the COLLECTiEF products and services, and will help to get access to the Italian market.

Building type

Residential buildings

Total floor area

6700 m²

Number of units/apartments


Year of construction